Ray… Blu Ray

Well I’ve had my PS3 for a year now and am just getting around to buying some Blu-ray titles.  Among these are a two volume set of select 007 movies (link). These films have been retouched and remastered one frame at a time, using a huge server farm of Mac G6’s churning out Godzillabites of data.  The end product are movies, some over 40 years old, reproduced with extreme fidelity.

These movies… these movies… (Christopher Walken pause)

These movies are incredible.  Honestly, Dr. No is 47 years old.  They took the original negative, digitally removed blemishes that were on the actual lens, removed odd lighting like fluorescent light flicker, retouched (undiscernably) color loss from archival, all sorts of visual blemishes.  you would think that film grain and such would look cruddy in high def.  But no, Mr. Bond.  They’re sharp, poppin’, it looks like your seeing them on the best movie screen the year they came out!

Now, the only downside: Packaging.  I’ve looked at consumer reviews and you either get “loved it” or “hated it”.  Here’s my experience.  I unwrapped the plastic, revealing a good-looking outer sleeve with “007” on it.  Cool.  The box then had a faux leather disc booklet.  Not bad.  Opened up the booklet… out fell 2 of the 3 discs!  In their infinite widom, after spending untold millions lovingly restoring these original negatives, they placed the discs on foam plugs barely glued on the booklet.  I was rather pissed.  these foam plugs were cheap, and now not only did my new blu-rays take a unecessary fall they were loose in the booklet.  Yea, I’ll reglue the plugs, maybe find a better material.  But come on.

Anyway, caveat emptor.  I had some Best Buy gift cards and impulse bought these for $75 a pop.  You can get them online for $45.

I recommend if your a fan of Bond films and have a blu-ray player, these are the shiz.  Get ’em, get ’em cheap online, and be careful when you unwrap your new Über James Bond collection!  Your friends will be in awe as salt water dripps from Ursula Andress‘s bronzed flesh… rawr!

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