/Salute Mythic

Well this week it looks like there’s a lot of hub bub about the announcement tomorrow. I myself wonder what all it’s going to have. I’d say it’s a safe bet it will feature the two new classes and the new live event, but I hope there will be talk on classes and other game related goodies involved too.


Speaking of such stuff, the little gifts and now the cards that Mythic has sent to quite a few of the blogging community. It really makes me admire the folks at Mythic. Most of these MMO communities don’t really have too much of a connection between the player community and the developer community. It is a rare thing to get much in the way interaction. Most times the developers give off the impression that they only see the players as a paycheck of sorts. Rarely coming out and talking to us, let alone interacting in any way.


Mythic on the other hand, well to say that they go out of their way to be a "Part" of the community is putting it mildly. Paul’s weekly video blog, and Mark’s blog are good examples. Then there are the really odd things, like the hair dye and the clippers sent to Keen and the other little package Snaffy got over at the Greenskin . Now you can’t tell me Mythic had "Clippers and Hair Dye" in their budget. Those came from someone’s pocket, or pockets. Same goes double for the Valentine ’s Day cards lots of folk have been getting. Those took time, effort and care to come up with and get out.


The way I see it, all this stuff, the blogs, the posts, the comments, and the sneaky gift boxes. Well it shows us that they love the game they made, and in their eyes, we the community are part of that game, not just a bunch of participants.


Kudos’ Mythic, you guys beat the pack hands down.





One Response to “/Salute Mythic”

  1. I’m glad mythic is spending time sending out cards, hair die and clippers. Maybe if they spent less time at Walmart, they’d understand the mechanics they’re nerfing before they do it. Maybe if they spent the time listening to player feedback, they’d have known that the changes made didn’t address the problems at all. Maybe Magus, Marauder and Shadow Warrior wouldn’t be a waste of a party slot?

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