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The other white meat

Posted in General Gaming, Warhammer Online on March 3, 2009 by Stash

Hello mates. Sorry for the long absents. It’s really all my fault, see I was the major poster here, and well I got side tracked. I blame Syp personally, reading his Blog got me to look into other Blogs. And of course he had that podcast, oh gods I couldn’t miss that. That got me into looking at what other Podcasts there were out there and I stumbled upon 40K Radio.


See a long time ago I use to be a tourney gamer. D&D, Warhammer 40K, Battletech, Etc. if there was a tourney within 500 miles of my home I was probably there. Modeled, painted, sculpted, and modified miniatures, and sold them. My gaming help me pay for Collage even. I was fairly heavy into the whole thing, and over time I sort of got out of it, having moved on to the SCA, getting married and working far far too much.


But those damn guys at 40K Radio. I started thinking about Modeling again, creating custom miniatures like I use to. I’m not sure I want to get into the gaming side of it, I might with a good friend or two, but I doubt I’ll ever get to the tourney level again.


So that’s where I’ve been when not playing Warhammer Online. I’m sitting with a paintbrush in my hands. So I have to apologize, I shall endeavor to post more often, and expand to Warhammer 40K stuff. Hell I might even give away some of my old modeling tricks here.


But stay tuned, with the release of 1.2 today I have a few thoughts I’d like to share. Some good, some bad, some silly.

2-4-6-8 Being an Archmage is really Great !

Posted in General Gaming on February 12, 2009 by Hellion

Greetings and happy 1.2 patch day notes fellow warhamerans. That right it’s me Hellion, back on the attack to destroy your warm and fuzzy feeling, and to snap you back to the harsh reality of life! For today’s topic I would like to talk to you briefly about the Archmage and why it’s so kickass!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
This class is my main, or at least was my main. I have leveled an AM to 34. Astounding really considering this class has all the appeal of an ABBA concert. I have never felt more in touch with my feminine side since I have started playing this class. I look like Zsa Zsa Gabor only much more FABULIOUS! And as a male toon I feel really un-warlike out there. I feel like I should be picking flowers and preaching love to the forces of destruction instead of fighting them. Which brings me to my next point.

Paper Mache Meets Drunk Peasant
Even if I would like to participate in war-like activities with my AM this simple is not a possibility. I do little to no damage. My heals are subpar at best and my survivability is non-existent. Have you ever seen that video where the 70’s guy comes in and kicks that old woman off the chair. “OWNED” I’m the old woman. For a time I thought it was me. I didn’t post on forums of my troubles, for fear of the dreaded QQ lrn to play nub! So I simply kept silent about it and decided to try a few other classes to see if I had more fun.

The good the bad and the retarded.
Currently I have 7 order alts ranging between level 15-34 most over 23. I have 5 Destruction alts all pushing 20. I guess I should thank mythic because I have experienced so very much of warhammer, I feel an expert on anything T1 to T2. Great! Not really, I miss my AM, It has such potential. Despite that fact that he looks like a sissy, talks like a sissy, fights like a sissy, hell IS a sissy, he’s the underdog … and my first toon, I would like to see him succeed. Patch notes for the 1.2 patch basically ….. are not good for the AM. People are leaving this class in droves! Sad really. I seem to have a knack for picking that absolute worst class in every MMO I have ever played. What the hell is wrong with me!

What the hell is wrong with you!
I’m going to put the blame for this one squarely on Mythic’s shoulders. I can’t believe they would make a class this awful and release it, and then have the nerve to release 4 more classes before fixing a class this is awful. Mythic this class is so bad that everyone on destruction and order side agree it sucks. I have never, ever, seen that before in my whole life! Both sides order and destruction agree this is the worst class in the game!!!! You know it HAS to be pure garbage at that point.

You know I would never leave a bitch session without providing a solution. I think for this one. Delete the class entirely and chalk it up as a woops. It’s that bad. I don’t see any fix that will work at all. If it were only one or 2 things that might not be a problem. However It’s the entire mechanic. Just delete it entirely so I don’t have to sit at my computer and weep anymore. Go to Hell!

Love Hellion

When your 8 losing makes your tummy hurt :(

Posted in General Gaming on February 3, 2009 by Hellion

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile but as you know I need to be good and fired up before I get writing about something. That’s right friends its old Hellion, back from the dead and poised to ruin your drinking water.

If your 8 stay in WoW

I’m 32. The reason I feel the need to say this is because I just want you all to know that the world has already kicked my ass a few times and I am slowly settling into a sad rut just like the rest of you poor slobs. That being said there are a few things we as Glastons, and yes as adults that we all hold true. Don’t expect something for nothing, be kind to others (as much as you can), fight with honor, do your best and have fun with your friends. Pretty easy ya? Not for some it would seem.

I hate your guts!

If you get mad at people for capping  battle field objectives because your not there yet!
You’re a child!

If you leave a scenario because your team isn’t winning
You’re a child and I want to punch your face in!

If you characters name is WitchiesYaY! Or ImthebestLoL123!
You’re a child and a douche!

If you get into arguments in shout or region chat about your favorite sports team, why you love obama, why so and so sucks, why WoW is so much better ect.ect.
Your 8 and your opinions don’t count please run with scissors.

If your soul reason for existence is to bother other people with pointless tells about how you need more gold, why you like to gank people, how in real life your 20 and married to a supermodel, why the sky is blue, why you get beat up at school because your 8 and 300lbs, why this, why that, why wiffel ball bat.
Jog On! I’m not your consoler!


As you know I never end without a solution to all the problems I post. Easy fix, if you’re a stupid adult you will have stupid kids. Do us a favor and try not to breed at all. If you do have a kid, which doubtless you will because you have never heard of birth control. Don’t let them play warhammer online. They can play WoW. It’s far more suited to there slow stupid needs.

Love Hellion

/Salute Mythic

Posted in General Gaming, Warhammer Online on January 28, 2009 by Stash

Well this week it looks like there’s a lot of hub bub about the announcement tomorrow. I myself wonder what all it’s going to have. I’d say it’s a safe bet it will feature the two new classes and the new live event, but I hope there will be talk on classes and other game related goodies involved too.


Speaking of such stuff, the little gifts and now the cards that Mythic has sent to quite a few of the blogging community. It really makes me admire the folks at Mythic. Most of these MMO communities don’t really have too much of a connection between the player community and the developer community. It is a rare thing to get much in the way interaction. Most times the developers give off the impression that they only see the players as a paycheck of sorts. Rarely coming out and talking to us, let alone interacting in any way.


Mythic on the other hand, well to say that they go out of their way to be a "Part" of the community is putting it mildly. Paul’s weekly video blog, and Mark’s blog are good examples. Then there are the really odd things, like the hair dye and the clippers sent to Keen and the other little package Snaffy got over at the Greenskin . Now you can’t tell me Mythic had "Clippers and Hair Dye" in their budget. Those came from someone’s pocket, or pockets. Same goes double for the Valentine ’s Day cards lots of folk have been getting. Those took time, effort and care to come up with and get out.


The way I see it, all this stuff, the blogs, the posts, the comments, and the sneaky gift boxes. Well it shows us that they love the game they made, and in their eyes, we the community are part of that game, not just a bunch of participants.


Kudos’ Mythic, you guys beat the pack hands down.