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Green Eggs and RAM

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17, 2011 by Hellion

Once upon a time in the future, past its all the same
A young gamer boy decided to play a new game
So he ran to his local game shop, excited, cash in hand
And picked up the newest titles about far off lands
Where he could be a pirate, a wizard, or a cop
The joy in his heart was overflowing he felt it would never stop
He burst in his room, and threw in his first disk
The computer hummed in anticipation unpacking file lists
The screen flashed to life with sound and blinking lights
His game was almost ready, he was desperate to join the fight
He picked his name, his character, his class, and his fancy hat
And jumped into the fray with his brand new clobbering bat
But alas, chop, chop, chop went his screen he could not even move
“Sad days he thought”, now what can I prove
He flipped the game over and much to his dismay
The systems specs were too high for his computer. Ohh what a day ..
I need a new computer ever year to play a new game??
Its too much he thought this is getting lame.
He returned all the games for an in store credit
And said to himself I’m doomed and now I’m in debit
I can’t afford a new pc to play every year.
Ohh well back to Xbox and a 12 pack of beer.

A note to DEV’s Give us a break already!!!