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On Glastons

Posted in Glaston Banter on November 12, 2009 by Stash

"Hey you! You have to hide me!"

That was the line that, although I didn’t know it, would begin my travels down a road that would introduce me to some of the greatest folk I’ve ever met. The group that calls itself Glastons.

Now I know it’s been a very long time since a blog has been posted here, for that I apologize. Ever since we left Warhammer we’ve been kind of split in our gaming. Some are in Champions, some in Aion, and some are just taking an MMO break. The nice thing is, we still all talk on almost a daily basis, and try to game together as much as we can. We have a BloodBowl league going, that quite a few are in, and anytime you can hop on our forums and set up a game of whatever and get someone to play. It’s a friendship and camaraderie that doesn’t take off very often in the online environment. So I thought I’d talk about this group of friends and some of their history.

The Glastons didn’t start out as Glastons. The group that would become the Glastons started way back in Everquest 1 on the Rallos Zek server, by a group of real world friends. I personally can’t really say much about their time there as that was way before my time with them, and at the time I was leading a squadron in Warbirds. Quite frankly I know very little about who we were before I became part of them in 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot, I’ll have to leave that info up to Lex, or Dismas. Dismas being one of the Rallos Zek folk.

Now as I just said, I joined them in DAOC, during their second incarnation in that game, on the Nimue server. They were known as the Glastonbury Irregulars (and Glastonbury has stuck ever since, hence Glastons), and were a relaxed RolePlay guild that was very active in the server’s activities, from being one of the leading RP guilds to being one of the top PvP guilds. They had many RP storylines running, and all the members were friendly to everyone. I myself was new to the whole RPGMMO, mostly because I had the belief that an online game was too limiting and therefore looked down on the whole genre. The gaming store that me and a couple of my buddies hung out in had just closed, and I was getting tired of the lag fest that was World War II Online as my computer just couldn’t take it. So I had been playing around in DAoC.

Nimue was the brand new server that had just went up, therefore everyone was new, I wouldn’t have to compete with folks that had been playing for months. I chose Albion because they seemed to be the least "Magic" based background (I came very, very close to going Midgard) And started my scout (archer class). I have to admit, I was impressed, and I had fun, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Now in all my tabletop gaming I was the guy that always played the thief, so I gave the Infiltrator a shot. I had found my class. I started leveling up, joining some pick up groups and having a good time.

That’s when it happened. I was still in the lower level area, just trying to grind through what I needed when I see that text line roll across my chat panel. "Hey you! You have to hide me!" I looked around to see what was a scout running straight at me. "Quick! Hide me!" He said.

Ok, I have to admit my first thought was WTF!?! Then it dawned on me, I was on an RP server, this was RP. Now I had chosen an RP server because I wanted to RP, I just hadn’t seen any yet to play along with. So here was my chance. I quickly (for me) typed out instructions to hide in the nearby building, and I followed him and placed myself in the doorway. Sure enough here came a shiny Paladin, Racius, who was looking for a criminal scout fitting the description of my new friend hiding in the building behind me. I again quickly typed out that yea I had in fact seen a scout matching that description, and he had ran into the city proper. Thanking me, Racius trotted off to the city. After he left, and we made sure he wasn’t coming back, the scout thanked me for the help and introduced himself as Frederyk of the Glastonbury Irregulars. Telling me that the nobles, who Racius was one of, were trying to pin a crime on him because the Irregulars were all common folk and had gotten a little to uppity. We talked for a little bit, then he left to go lose himself in a nearby forest (and if you knew Freddy I mean Lost, according to him the forest trails moved just to spite him.)

So there was my first Glaston encounter, and my first RP experience. I decided to look up these guys on the net and see what they were all about. The FAQ and Charter were the same that we have up today, 8 years later. The values have stayed true to what the Founders, Bowar and Sixtus, first envisioned and although we have had people come and go, and the original founders have moved on in their real life, Being a Glaston is still about friendship first. We have a saying, "Once a Glaston, Always a Glaston." Any one of these folks has a home if they ever decide to return to gaming. That’s how we are.

Sure there are guilds and clans that have been around for years, but in most of these it’s a select few at the top that is a constant, and quite often those few are offline buddies. Everyone else is below them and they call all the shots, dictate all the rules, and basically kick out any and all that disagree with them. Glastons are so not like that. Every Glaston has just as much say as any other Glaston, no matter if you’ve been around for 8 years, or 8 months. We do have a trial period for folk who newly join, but to be honest, it more so they can decide if we’re the group for them. The way we work and get along just isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to get completely pissed off at someone, and then forgive them right after. All Glastons know that they are not going to agree with everything, every time, and they all try to accept that. I say try. The truth is, if you stick a bunch of people in a room and tell them to talk about something that is opinion based. Someone is going to get mad and leave. It happens. The thing about us is the fact that if they ever want to come back, they can, with no hard feelings. To us, that’s what being friends first means.

Well I think I bored you guys enough for now, I’ll talk more on the history side in my next post.