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1.2 My opinion

Posted in Warhammer Online on February 12, 2009 by Stash

Well it’s out and like I (and many others)thought the "leaked" patch notes were right true. Now what do I think of them? 

Heh, well unlike Hellion I don’t put much thought into what the changes say as I do in how it plays out. The mechanics of the system may enable for more possibilities that the notes give hint to. Now I’m not going to comment on Hellion’s sissy Archmage (and Oh is he a sissy!), quite frankly I’d be talking out of my backside. Nothing new really, but still I’m going to avoid that one for now. Instead I’ll quip in on the classes I have played, and talk about some of the things I saw in the notes that made me think a bit on the Direction they were trying for.

 Fist off, before I try to be intelligent in my little dialog, let me just say.

 Chosen HAH! Looks like you just got the same nerf that you got shoved on Knights. What, "Your" damage reflects were special? I don’t bloody think so you whiny bunch of piss ants, Suck it!

 Ok, I feel much better now. Sorry about that.

 Well there are tons of "That’s it I quit" Post all over the forums. Heh, what did you expect, I swear they could do nothing but change the color of in game grass to a darker green and half the community would scream about it. Sheesh. Here is how I see the patch, and why Hellion is wrong, AM are going to be better.

 Survivability. Damage that was unmitigated before is now mitigated, damage shields will shield for more, and damage was toned down all over the board. See a pattern here? They are trying to make battles last a little longer in the zerg, or at least WB on WB. Now there are still going to be quick deaths, and that nasty Witch Elf is still going to tear you up if your a caster, but you’ve got more of a chance now. Over on the boards, I see folks jumping all over this nerf or that nerf, but they are failing to see the big picture. Ok yea the WP and DoK got more survivability, and they had tons  before, but that’s not a buff if the other two healing classes got them too. And Witch Elfs and Witch Hunters didn’t get nerfed because of Mitigation, they got fixed. And don’t give me that crap about I don’t understand. My main IS a Witch Hunter, the changes are going affect me zilch. If you upset, get over it or reroll because the class was not for your "Wanabe Overpowered Hero" mentality. You people wouldn’t know what teamwork was if it hit you.

 We all want to be a hero, but some of us don’t mind being ONE of the hero’s.

 The other things in the notes, New lairs, new mounts, new classes, etc. Well icing on the cake as they say, it’ll all be bonus to the game and make the in depth that much more. I say wait and see, a month after release everyone opinion of the patch will probably be different across the board.


2-4-6-8 Being an Archmage is really Great !

Posted in General Gaming on February 12, 2009 by Hellion

Greetings and happy 1.2 patch day notes fellow warhamerans. That right it’s me Hellion, back on the attack to destroy your warm and fuzzy feeling, and to snap you back to the harsh reality of life! For today’s topic I would like to talk to you briefly about the Archmage and why it’s so kickass!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
This class is my main, or at least was my main. I have leveled an AM to 34. Astounding really considering this class has all the appeal of an ABBA concert. I have never felt more in touch with my feminine side since I have started playing this class. I look like Zsa Zsa Gabor only much more FABULIOUS! And as a male toon I feel really un-warlike out there. I feel like I should be picking flowers and preaching love to the forces of destruction instead of fighting them. Which brings me to my next point.

Paper Mache Meets Drunk Peasant
Even if I would like to participate in war-like activities with my AM this simple is not a possibility. I do little to no damage. My heals are subpar at best and my survivability is non-existent. Have you ever seen that video where the 70’s guy comes in and kicks that old woman off the chair. “OWNED” I’m the old woman. For a time I thought it was me. I didn’t post on forums of my troubles, for fear of the dreaded QQ lrn to play nub! So I simply kept silent about it and decided to try a few other classes to see if I had more fun.

The good the bad and the retarded.
Currently I have 7 order alts ranging between level 15-34 most over 23. I have 5 Destruction alts all pushing 20. I guess I should thank mythic because I have experienced so very much of warhammer, I feel an expert on anything T1 to T2. Great! Not really, I miss my AM, It has such potential. Despite that fact that he looks like a sissy, talks like a sissy, fights like a sissy, hell IS a sissy, he’s the underdog … and my first toon, I would like to see him succeed. Patch notes for the 1.2 patch basically ….. are not good for the AM. People are leaving this class in droves! Sad really. I seem to have a knack for picking that absolute worst class in every MMO I have ever played. What the hell is wrong with me!

What the hell is wrong with you!
I’m going to put the blame for this one squarely on Mythic’s shoulders. I can’t believe they would make a class this awful and release it, and then have the nerve to release 4 more classes before fixing a class this is awful. Mythic this class is so bad that everyone on destruction and order side agree it sucks. I have never, ever, seen that before in my whole life! Both sides order and destruction agree this is the worst class in the game!!!! You know it HAS to be pure garbage at that point.

You know I would never leave a bitch session without providing a solution. I think for this one. Delete the class entirely and chalk it up as a woops. It’s that bad. I don’t see any fix that will work at all. If it were only one or 2 things that might not be a problem. However It’s the entire mechanic. Just delete it entirely so I don’t have to sit at my computer and weep anymore. Go to Hell!

Love Hellion