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Ok, so I said I’d talk about the pros and cons of the tech I use for gaming. My gamepad and my new mouse. So here it goes. First off, let me state that after an on site look I decided against the Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse and went with Logitech’s G9 mouse. After seeing both first hand I noticed that the G9 had more possibilities and more versatility than the sidewinder, so that’s the mouse I’ll talk about.

The G9 is probably the most customizable mouse there is, I can program any button to a preset, a keystroke, or a macro. I can pop off and change the grip/body of the mouse to make it fit my hand more comfortably. I can even change the weight of it to make it feels more substantial. It has the two generic mouse buttons, the wheel that has a left, right and click function, and 2 thumb buttons. So far the only downside I’ve seen is the fact that since I use my mouse for forward movement (holding down both right and left buttons), using any of the buttons other than the thumb needs to be done while stopped. The wheel having a left and a right as well as a click is a nice feature, enabling a couple extra slots that can be mapped, and are fairly accessible. The wheel also has the ability to become free of the set rotation, giving those who like to wheel in or out quick the ability to do so. Over all after a weekend of playing with it I’m extremely happy with my choice, and I am already thinking of various configurations for it.


Customizability-  Everything from buttons, to grips, to the wheel. You can set it up to just how you want it.

Comfortable- I have large hands and it fit nicely in my hand, I also don’t see smaller hands having too much trouble with it. The grips are nice, the layout covenant, and the buttons intuitive.

9 buttons- Yea two are your generic left and right, but with the customization ability that leaves 7 that you can set up to any way you want for ease of game play.


Price – At $99 it’s an expensive thing to get. Worth the money in my opinion, but only if you have the budget for it.

Ok on to the Belkin: Nostromo SpeedPad n52te . For those who don’t know what a gamepad is, it’s a like a small custom keyboard that you can rest your hand on. Basically it gives you easy access to a limited number of buttons and a direction pad/stick.

The n52 has 14 buttons for you index through pinky, two for your thumb and a little joystick that you can control with your thumb. While you happily press all these buttons, your hand rests on a molded and contoured hand rest making it’s use as comfortable as they can. Like the G9 mouse, EVERYTHING is programmable. You can set the buttons/joystick to any keystroke, pre-made, or create macros for them and you can set configurations up like you can for the mouse. Have a different set up for each class, or for different games.

The finger buttons are easily reachable for average to long fingers. If you have small hands or short fingers your going to have to stretch a bit to reach the last bank of buttons, but there are two banks that will be easy to access. The whole thing is something that will take you a couple days to get use to, but I can almost guarantee that once you do you’ll be hard pressed to go back to your keyboard. So simply put.


Customizability- Again you can customize all your buttons and joystick (I at one point even set up on the joystick to target nearest).

Comfortable – The molded pad lets your hand relax while your fingers do all the work. Buttons- with a total of 16 buttons and an 8 way hat/joystick, you’ll have more than enough for even your hardest set up.


Price- with an average price of $70-$75 (Highest I’ve seen is $90) again it might not fit your budget. But again in my opinion it’s worth the money.

Button layout- Small hands might have trouble comfortably reaching the far buttons; I would go to a local supplier and see if they have any to check out.

For the most part I love my set up, and wouldn’t go back to the basic mouse keyboard bit easily. I do understand the arguments for that though, I was one of you until not to long ago. I had macros, only utilized a portion of my keyboard so that I could easily reach keys, etc. This set up beats that hands down. Tell you what, try to match this with a generic keyboard and mouse.

I have set for my witch hunter-

Mouse : my press to talk for voice (side button), stealth (side button), mount (press wheel), and 2 of my bullet buffs (Wheel left/right) so I can switch on the fly. Holding right and left moves forward, and holding the right turns.

n52 : Strafe right/left and backup (Joystick), Target enemy (Thumb), Jump (Thumb), Hotbar 1 (top two rows of buttons), part of hotbar 2 (Back row of buttons), Reactionary off parry is macro’d to the same button as my basic spam attack (only goes off if requirements are met, otherwise it fires the basic attack), Morales macro’d to other set attacks (same thing, if the morale is up it fires otherwise the hotbar skill does).

 I have everything set right at my fingertips; I can switch my plan on the fly and cover many different situations with out much thought or have to look down to see where my next button is. All my abilities fire exactly when I want, and toss in a couple of the UI add-ons like Autodismount and WSCT and I can deal with most situations.

All said and done, I’m far more efficient than I was. Not more skillful. Honestly I think I’m probably only average in the skill factor, but I’ll bet I can beat someone of equal skill that isn’t using tech to their advantage, and compete against the more skillful of the players on more of an equal footing.

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