The Knight of the Blazing Sun

Ello all, My name is Cuthiel and I play a Knight <R24, RR24, Glory spec-ed, Donnis> and just thought I’d put out some of my thoughts on this class. All that is discussed here will only cover R25 down and Glory spec.

IMO I think the Knight is the best class for group support and defense of the cloth waerers, with all the the buff/debuff an a substantial bit of armor the Knight can twist his auras to grant heals, strenght, toughness, resists, AP and health, AP, lower/raise set back and reduce enemy heal chance. Wow, that was a mouth full. So lets look at some of these auras alittle closer.

Conquest :

  1. Press The Attack- Strenght Increased by 75 for all group mates with in 150 feet, Lowered by 75 for all enemy with in 30 feet.
  2. To Glory- All group mates regain 15 AP every 5 seconds.


  1. Stand Strong- Group mates with in 150 feet gain 75 Toughness, Enemy with in 30 feet loss 75.
  2. To Victory- Your group is 25% less likely to have an ability set back with in 150 feet, Enemy players are 25% more likely to be set back.


  1. Stay Focused- Group with in 150 feet regain 36AP and 36 Health over 3 secounds if a group mate successfully defends an attack.
  2. Gather Your Resolve- Group resist is raised by 236 while with in 150 feet, enemy loss 236 with in 30 feet.
  3. Now’s Our Chance- Enemy are filled with fear and doubt resulting in  all heals with in 30 feet of a group mate will be 25% less effective.

So those are the Auras that you can choose from as all are either core abilities or obtainable with only 6 Career points. All Auras last 12 seconds after being turned off or when you start to twist another Aura, resulting in three Auras able to be on at all times as each has a 4.5 second cool down.

 I do not twist as a general rule as I am usually in the middle of a bunch of Uglies and cant find the time to use twisting. I rather that I have at least one other Knight in my group and we use different Auras to buff the group, debuff the Greenies or a combo of the two. this is more effective an saves on AP. If I do twist it is when I am defending a Keep and Destro is still outside the walls, then I will use twisting to buff a team mate that is using a siege weapon, trying to keep him up and healthy as long as posible. AP and Health, Resist and toughness are a must (IMO) for this task. Put Guard in to the mix to take half of the targets damage and he can take a purple lake of death and laugh it off.


Armor, well it is your bread and butter, so get as much as you can find or afford. Enough said on that.

OK, well my pointing fingers are getting tired from all this peckin, so thats it for now. I’ll go over some other abilities and maybe some tactics next time.

Please leave any feed back or additions to this as you see it. Let’s get this topic going and make our Knights the best damn class out there.

See ya later.

2 Responses to “The Knight of the Blazing Sun”

  1. wow your dumb as shit

  2. Says the guy that makes a comment on a post that is 6 months old.

    Mate you want dumb, I’d go look in a mirror, heh.

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