Does Tech Matter?

       Is having that new 9 button 2000 dpi mouse going to give you the edge over the average gamer? How about that special game pad? The new gaming tech craze?

Basically…Yeah, pretty much.

It’s not something those of us that play in the general MMO community really think about. A keyboard and a good mouse is good enough for most, but if you really get seriously into competitive gaming such that Warhammer is, you look for every advantage you can possibly get. Graphic cards, RAM, processors, or any of the other CPU upgrades are a common thing amongst us of the more hardcore gamers, but some of us tend to not include the peripherals in that category.

To those the say "Bah, I have a good computer, that’s all I need."  I hear ya, I was until recently one of you. Now I should of known better, but I had forgotten my beginning in online gaming. See although I’ve been a gamer since my Apple 2 days, I’ve never gotten into the MuDs or the like. I pretty much did my own thing until the early 90’s when Airwarrior (an online combat flight sim) came out. I was one of the first folk to play the game, back with a 2 button joystick and my keyboard. I did ok, but I was pretty much on the bottom of the food chain there, until I got to thinking. I figured out that the folk I was flying against did use the crappy controllers I did, they had spent the cash and got top of the line flight sticks, rudder controls and throttle sticks. If I was going to compete I was going to have to bite the bullet and do the same. I did, and although I still had others above me on the food chain (It turns out that I’m a hell of a shot but only an average pilot.) I could consistently rank in the top 10 on the leaderboards. It was all about the Tech.

 So Back to Tech for Warhammer. Currently I use a nice 7 button mouse and the Belkin: Nostromo SpeedPad n52te. My keyboard getting regulated to chat and opening my map or bags. I rather like it and my set up, although in the next day or two the mouse is going to be replaced by a Microsoft – Sidewinder Laser Gaming Mouse, a fancy 10 button job that I hope to be able to utilize a few more quick buttons on.

These help, a lot, a whole hell of a lot. These two items are just as important as that latest UI add-on you just can’t live without. Now if you are not the competitive type or not that hard core, these are not something you need to worry about, but if you like me and you want or need (like me) every edge you can get you need to look into these.

I’ll talk about the two controllers I have next time, and give you a quick review on the pro’s and con’s of both.

Till then mates.


6 Responses to “Does Tech Matter?”

  1. I have a 8-button Logitech MX518 and only use an additional button for “next enemy target”, because I have a key for “nearest enemy” and as this also counts dead enemies as near I use the button to switch targets.

    It’s now much more comfortable, but I think most of the stuff this extra-buttons offer you aren’t giving you so much of an advantage in this sort of game. Global Cooldown is so slow, that you don’t really need the saved time by using the button. In Simulation, FPS, RTS, etc.. type of games things are different as you don’t have global cooldowns and ticks, but the game is realtime.

  2. You’re not making the best use of it then mate. On my seven button job, It’s got 3 very nicely placed side buttons. One I use for my voice talk (press to talk) and the other two depending on my class. For my Shadow warrior they got set to two of the stances that I used most commonly, my knight I tied two auras to them for twisting, and my witch hunter had his bullet buff and stealth tied to them.

    So thats freed up 3 buttons on my Nostromo that I can dedicate to other specials that might pop up.

  3. I dont know Stash, my standard keyboard and two button W/ wheel does me just fine. I tend to limit the number of abilities an such, as I am a creature of habit an tend to use a more select group of keys to do the dirty work. But as I know you, I know you like the tech end and the fine tuning of a game be it by number crunching or trying 100 different combos of keys. You must be in Pig shit hevan my friend,HEHEHE

  4. I honestly don’t think i could play any online game without my n52 anymore. It just feel do much more natural then a keyboard does. As for addons i think im many ways WoW is both to blame and to thank for just how much customisation we have in MMO’s now.
    The forest of addons WoW has however have hidden just how badly designed the basic WoW UI was in many ways, certainly pre-wrath any shaman who could manage all his different ranks of spells, and multiple different totems needed to use macros & addons.
    They have made big strides to fix it in wrath but the fact the game came with no inbuilt threat meter is a fact which would lead to any new PvE mmo getting torn apart nowadays. I still feel the fact blizzard designed many fights to have a very high amount of threat management when they had no threat meter in the default UI very strange.

    War has so far avoided this kind of ability bloat but i guess ill have to wait untill after WaR’s 1st expansion to find out if i get another bar full of abilitys i only use once in a blue moon, im looking at you mr sentry totem(now sadly missed). Im not saying the WaR UI is perfect by any means but i find it far easier to run it in ‘Vanilla’ form than wow.

    WaR gives you the majority of your skills early on & then adds them very slowly, and this is the right approach imo. By level 20 in war you have the basics of how your class will play at 40 and after then its all about tactics & skills will refine your role.

  5. I’m aware of the fact that I don’t use the mouse to it’s full possibilities.. But the reaction time (global-cooldown and general sluggish feeling on the WAR UI, etc..) of the game is so slow that it doesn’t matter how efficient the mouse-button-layout is.

    I’m thinking about adding the “nearest enemy” to another button on the mouse, because tab-targeting is just a mess in WAR. Class-specific stuff will remain on my actionbar/keyboard.

  6. Well of all the thing I set to my mouse, only the auras really get affected by cooldowns too much, and I’ve honestly never had a problem. For the other two classes I play the skills are of a pre-action nature so there really isn’t anyway that the cooldown affects them overly much anyhow.

    Me personaly my Target Next is set to my N52 thumb button, the only thing I hate is that it doesn’t always target what I think it should be targeting. I had target nearest set to the N52 as well, but it messed me up more than it helped.

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