People are Strange

Ok so just a bit of a short bit today, no long philosophical writing, I promise.


The weekend went fairly well, had a ton of fun in T2 with my Witch Hunter. The more I play him the more I want to kick myself for not giving him the Stash name. So if anyone knows of a way to switch names on characters without deleting them. Let me know eh?


I did have one rather odd thing happen, I recruited a new member to our guild. The stayed for about 2 minutes….And I can only guess as to why. It kind of fits into Hellions dewder post, people are just odd. Now they were a role player, which was good seeing as we are a role play guild, but there are role players and there are elitist. I rather think he was the latter.


I’ll be the first one to admit that we are fairly lax on enforcing RP with in our guild. Your not going to get jumped on if you say something not in character. We have all kinds of RP types in our ranks from heavy to barley any, and we don’t push RP on anyone. We do try to RP at RP events and such and try not to be disrespectful to others RP, but we view the whole RP thing as just another aspect to the game, not the game. The game is RvR, and well that isn’t a good RP environment. I kind of doubt you’ll ever catch one of us saying "Sirs the enemy be just over yonder hill, perhaps we should retire to the keep." when "Fallback! Keep!" works just as well.


So anyhow, I invite this person, the guild members welcome him by name, and the Alliance T4 folk start talking about where to meet. He makes a comment about how we knew his name, Lexel actually RPs some bit about being sneaky, and knowing lots of stuff, and the person leaves. The only thing I can figure is that talking over guild in such a familiar way broke with his RP-edness, or the general RvR talk of Alliance did. Either way, I don’t think Warhammer is the right game for him. RvR happens, and as such you need to take a more relaxed outlook or your going to chafe at the cuff all the time.


Not the first time something like this happened, as I said. People are strange.

One Response to “People are Strange”

  1. Castamere Says:

    Well, in my eyes I think “Fallback! Keep!” is perfectly in character. I think one of the stigmas of roleplaying is the fact that everything you type has to be the equivalent of Elizabethan prose or somesuch. If you see a horde of orcs and Chosen coming over a hill I doubt an actual ‘character’ would take the time to describe how the pale moonlight glistens off the cold iron of their blades or how the chill of night made the air frost from their mouths like a steamy froth. I know your example was likely an exaggeration but I think that the conflict of RvR can be a perfect breeding ground for great RP opportunities.

    The matter is more in expectations – again you don’t have the time in the heat of battle to describe how your armor is covered in the gore of a thousand squigs or depict how your low health is effecting your combat prowess. However you can certainly bark orders, or reinforce the warband leader’s commands, or take the time to say things in the lull of keep defenses and the like…

    However your particular roleplayer is likely the sort that can’t stomach even a hint of non-rp in their gameplay. Just as I think there is ample time for RP, there are times where you have to discuss specific game mechanics that you can’t possible finagle into RP speak and certain channels should just be assumed as OOC by their nature. Sounds like that guy was into something more hardcore in regards to RP.

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