Witch Hunters Carry a Small Thermonuclear devices!


Well I think Destruction thinks so at least. I swear any time I pop, every Destruction player from the 3 nearest servers dive on me and pound my Witch Hunter into his left boot. Hey trust me guys, if I had a mini nuke you would be the first I told, really! How about I swear to kill only the male Sorc and Shamans. I’ll leave all the scantily clad dark elves alone!


All joking aside, I applaud Destruction on this. Hell we Order goofs see a Witch Elf pop and one, maybe two of us go and try to knock her over the head. Destruction sees that Pilgrim Hat and even the Black Orcs in the front line turn and pound it. That’s kind of the key here isn’t it. Teamwork, tactics, doing your job in combat. I don’t think very many folk actually look at their class and ask themselves "What is my job?" They see the class and toss it into the same old cookie cutter plan that they used in WoW, DAoC, or any one of the other PvP type games we all have played. Jobs here are different mates, sure it’s the tanks job to block the ramp on a keep siege, work the ram, or just be in the front so they target you instead of the caster five feet behind you. But there are other things you can do too. In every keep siege I’ve been part of, from T2 to T4 I see tanks standing away from the door throwing axes/daggers/etc at the keep door. Get in there and hit the bloody thing, what are you afraid of, getting oil on that bright new armor? Go smack the thing. If you don’t get any heals, run back to the nearest healer when you hit half health and jump up and down in front of him. He’ll heal you, if for no other reason than just to get your jumping backside out of his face. Then get back in there, that door ain’t going to hit itself!


It’s not just tanks here either, and don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some hella cool tanks that didn’t give up until they were getting rezzed. Everyone does this. I read the forums and see "My class is good at whatever, but worthless in Keep Sieges(or whatever type of battle)." My first thought is, Bull. Look, I right now play a Witch Hunter. By and large (along with Witch Elves) the most widely complained about for their worthlessness in a Keep fight. Pretty much all anybody tries to do is guard the postern. Ok so this isn’t DAoC, we can’t climb walls. We can’t use pick locks to sneak in and kill defenders. (yet… and oh wait for it to get nerfed once it does get in) But you know, there are soooooo many other things to be done.


Get on a cannon/ballista/whatever and shoot things. Keep their siege down or at least busy repairing, you don’t want to know how easy it is to pop a caster in the back lines because the group healers are so busy keeping the tank on the ram up. Shooting the ram although it take a bit does make them have to stop pounding on the door to repair it, or you might actually kill it. Either way, that’s more time under the oil they have to spend.


Help with/kill the oil! This one little bucket is probably the most powerful weapon in the keep fight. But it’s tough to kill so it takes just about everything your side has to drop it. If your the one on the oil team, keep it up as much as possible. It a team effort here, healer, tanks, squishes, you have to work together. Tanks to run it, healers to keep the tanks up, and if you a squishy you and run out on repairs and run back to heal in between. Remember the more you have repairing, the faster it repairs, and thus the more time you have dumping hot oil all over the bad guys.


Postern work. For some reason this has become the specialty of the stealth folk. Why? Sure we can stealth and we hit hard and do lots of damage. But I have yet to see a Witch hunter do enough to a Black Orc to kill him before the Orc can get in the keep, hell 3 Witch Hunters. Get a nice balanced group there though and not only will you do enough damage, but you’ll have knock backs and such to keep them away from the door. Also you might be able to catch those brave souls that pop out to try and defend the postern all by themselves, thinking they’ll be able to pop back in again. Knock them away from the door and watch them panic. This works in reverse too, get healers on the wall, a good mix of classes and pop out and clear the way to the door. Those running for the door will be your best friends…. for at least ten minutes.


Block reinforcements. Now I know postern work is doing this, but they know there is going to be fighting at the postern. They don’t know there is going to be fighting half way to the keep. Chances are you going to catch folk happily riding their mounts, gazing at the local fauna, not looking for that band of bad guys wanting them to pay a toll to use the road. You don’t have to be attacking the keep to pull this off either. Think about it, the attackers are going to have folk coming from the war camp. Whether they are late comers, couldn’t get a rez for what ever reason or were just too quick with the respawn trigger(we’ve all done it). There will be stragglers. Now if the attackers send a force to clear you out, that weakens the attacking force, making it possible for a sortie out from the keep to wipe the attackers, or they ignore your little force. You are now in a position, once the fight on the lords room ramp starts, to sweep in from behind as a group and hit all the healers/caster while the tanks are busy trying to break the tankwall at the top of the ramp. Even if you all die horrible deaths, you’ve caused enough havoc that they are going to be hurting. And lets not forget, your all at the war camp ready to come in from behind yet again. Coordinated with a push from above (5-7 seconds after the behind force) and you’ve a chance to wipe the whole attacking force in one fell swoop.


Lords room. We’ve all seen it. Tanks block the ramp, range folk shoot down the ramp, healers keep everyone alive. Pretty basic right? Not even close. No matter how well the tanks block, one or two will get through. Who’s to take those folk down? Duh, the classes that this entire time have been complaining that they don’t have anything to do in keep fights. Kill those buggers. In fact, the very ones that broke through are probably the very same class type you are. The two classes that I end up chasing all over the outside ledges of a keep are the Witch Elf and the Marauder, the two that say they are useless. Hell, if you can get on that ledge as a MDPS class you can cause all kinds of nastiness. I’ve gotten out there, popped in to kill a healer, popped back out to the ledge. I’ve seen it in every tier. (don’t tell me it’s impossible in T4, my Shadow Warrior spent 3/4 of his time chasing around witch elves in the dozen or so T4 keep fights he fought) And what about just getting in with the tanks and hitting things. I did this last night, stood right behind the tanks and poked things with my sword. Once I had enough accusations build up I switched targets to most beat up caster or healer down the ramp and dropped them. Ok, that works for Witch hunters, well Witch Elves, and Marauders (By the way, I see alot of Marauders on the front line here, kudos to them) or White Lions. Use what ever specials you have, poke em, slash em, call em dirty names. Every bit you do is that much faster that attackers goes down, with or without healers. If you get hit, back up out of range for a second so who ever targeted you retargets (They will, people don’t like to get hit without hitting back).


I know I know, that whole thing is a bit much. And I know there are quite a few of you that do and know most if not all of what I said. But the key here isn’t about all these tactics. Hell I doubt if I touched 10% of the possible tactics there are. It’s about thinking. If you come into something where you feel useless, think of something useful to do. If it’s something you don’t like doing, you picked the wrong class. (Something I’ve done twice now)


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