Life, Liberty and l33t d00d3r for all

Greetings and salutations to all.

A brief History.

That’s right it’s me Hellion here taking it easy for all you sinners out there. I thought I would take a quick second to talk about myself and the wonderful (and strangely tolerant of me) Glastons. I’m an odd sort of gamer that thrives on shock value and a sharp tongue. Unlike most of the Glastons I have reverted from a very heavy role player to now a very light role player. It is at this point in my life I found these fellows on Planetside. The Glastons, being an older and I think wiser group of folks than most. Seen fit at this point to fold me into their guild and treat me as an equal right from day 1. (THE FOOLS) So now I’ve been with them for around 4 years! Lots of good times!


So here we are. The Glastons have moved around through many different games in the last few years and we currently find ourselves in Warhammer. The main thing that attracted me to the Glastons was the fact that though they were small they always had very sound tactics. This is a tradition that has followed the Glastons through every game that I know of to date. With Warhammer our main problem thus far has been the fact that no one seems to be able to find a class that they truly enjoy and stick with it. I know once we settle on classes that we like however, I’m sure we will be creating new and interesting tactics that will work nicely with Warhammer.

The L33t D00d3r and the downfall of the Alliance (IMHO ….. not really that humble)

PUG’S Suck! Yes we have all heard this before. But is it true. The answer for you in open realm vs realm combat is a most definite and unbelievably resounding YES! Why, well, quite simply the following:

12 year olds leading war bands only interested in points not the objective or game play

The constant do whatever I say mommy and daddy said I’m special attitude.

Foolish mistakes and maneuvers that always lead to our death

The I don’t want to die so why engage the enemy attitude

The why fight when I can just pick up points by going from battle field objective to battle field objective and get points (tier 4 I’m looking at you)

The I’m amazing attitude when sadly Congratulations your mediocre

Listen assholes. Where is your steadfast strength and honor? You are not special. You do not have sound tactics. If you want to lead do so and do it smart. Earn respect as a leader. Don’t expect everyone to do what you say because you started a war band and we all joined. It’s not all about you. Grow up!

Earn It. Don’t demand it. If you do, I’ll be there to shatter your sad mediocre world in no time flat. Count on it!


Hey come on I wouldn’t just rant and not have a fix. It’s really quite simple. You are unable to capture Battlefield Objectives unless you own the closest keep to those objectives. Try to be a sissy now! This will force you to fight and be smart about it!

Anyway, I think this is a good time for me to sign off before I break my fingers off on this keyboard.

Love Hellion

3 Responses to “Life, Liberty and l33t d00d3r for all”

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