Glastons are here.

Well reading here might be a bit confusing as this blog will have many authors. We’re a bit of an odd group, different people from different places, but we all are gamers in like mind. Hopefully things won’t get too bad, except for the jokes. Those are always bad.


We are what we call Glastons. To us that’s something. It means friendship, support, really bad jokes, and being part of something greater than the individual. We’re an old bunch, having been together in some form since the opening of Dark Age of Camelot’s Nimue server. There we were known as the Glastonbury Irregulars, a Role-Play Guild started by a few folk from the Everquest RP/PvP servers. We were in DAoC for a long time and it was there that many of the traditions got cemented. It may sound odd for a gaming guild to have "traditions", but I’ll tell you, there is a certain pride that you get when your charging into a fight and you see "<so-and-so> yells "Boar to the Fore!" pop up on your chat box multiple times.


Now you might think we are elitist, or stuck up, or full of ourselves. Heh, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. We constantly make friends online and have a regular influx of people to our ranks. Some stay, some don’t. Such is the way of guilds. I’ll admit we’re not for everyone, and our generally small size proves it. You have to be willing to step up and be part of the group as a whole rather than hang back and hope to be included. We do try to make guild life happy for everyone, but as you all know, it never goes as planned. Glastons as a whole are more than willing to jump up and do something, but then like people in general you need to smack them upside the head once in a while. (Ok, so it 3-4 times for most of us).


Well I guess that’s enough of guild promotion, sorry.


Ok, so after a horrid series of games, we are in Warhammer now. Sure there are bugs, some imbalances, and a bit of messiness. It’s a bloody online game, what did ya expect, eh? We’re here and from the looks of it, we’ll be here for a while. We’re having a blast really, good quests, good RvR, good times. We have a fair mix of classes, and really only one or two of us have found a proper class that we feel at home with. I’ll save my thoughts for my next post I think, I’ve bored you guys enough for now.



Boar to the Fore



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