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So like most of the Glastons I’ve been having a problem finding a class that I find "comfortable." It’s my personal belief this is true for a lot of folks. I’m not what you would call an altoholic, and I’m finding myself with several alts currently. Warhammer is a different animal when it comes to classes, and we as gamers are use to the roles classes from other games entail. If you look at any other MMO out there you will find one or two classes that would fill a specific role, in Warhammer that role can be filled by upwards to 4 or 5 classes. Hybrid classes were something only certain players enjoyed playing in most of the past games, but if you really look at the Warhammer classes they all are hybrids, albeit some more than others. We as players are just not use to that.


In past games I have always enjoyed playing either the rogue based sneaky classes or the range/archer type, and in typical me I started a Shadow Warrior back on day one. Back then they were seen along with the Squig Herder as the most underpowered class there was. The critics were right too. Even at the high end 20’s my poor Warriors ability damage was less than a tank’s, two levels lower than me, auto-attack. It was sad and I went to Assault spec in a vain attempt to eke out some form of viability. Now I realize that if you spec a certain way, and go through a certain series of combos, you can achieve for one shot a hit that will do 700-over 1k damage. Great, 1 shot. Excuse me, but don’t the Bright Wizards and Sorcs do that for almost every shot, and without the combo to set it all up? In fact I seem to remember fighting and having that Sorc "Pit o’ Doom" pop on me and I took 700 a second! No set up, no special spec (ok maybe a spec, but I’m on a roll here), just 700,700,700,700,dead. Now I’m not complaining about getting hit, but come on, isn’t the bloody Shadow Warrior suppose to be on par with the other range DPS classes? 1.1 did give them a buff, but it buffed the Assault spec the most, turning a primarily range class into a primarily melee class. I do great at sitting back and guarding the healers as best as I can. A role much needed to be honest, but not one I was really enjoying. Now other Shadow Warriors will disagree with me, and kudos’ to them to be honest, the class just wasn’t what my old scout was back in DAoC and I rather missed that. He’s rank 32 now and for the time being on the back burner. Yea I’ll probably go back to him sometime in the future, he’s a good class really, just not what I’m looking for right now.


Take 2


When the Knight of the Blazing sun came out I saw him as a Bard type class, group buffs and debuffs, with heavy armor. I was right for the most part, they are really good at that role, plus they don’t die in the half a second most of the other archetypes I like to play do. I like the class as a whole, but again I wasn’t "comfortable". See I have a view of combat in MMO games, one I think is probably only in my eyes. To me I see a fight as you doing more damage faster than they can do to you, and well as a tank I hit like a wet Kleenex. As much as I do enjoy him after rank 27 I went and did what I probably should of done way back in the beginning.


Take 3


I made a Witch Hunter. As I said I enjoy the rogue type classes, it’s how I think taticly really. Flank, sneak, hit from where they don’t think I am. I played one in beta, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, why I decided to play the other classes I’ll never know to be honest. I’m "comfortable" with this class. Sure I die faster than a lemming diving off a cliff, but I know my job, I enjoy my job, and I can do my job. I really didn’t know my job with the other classes, or I wasn’t very good at it. I think that had a lot to do with my un-satisfaction with the other classes. Knowing you place on the battlefield is a very important aspect, one that I see a lot of players either not aware of or ignoring completely. Now my only regret is that I had used my Stash name for him, but hey ya can’t win them all, eh?


So if your ever on Phoenix Throne-Order, give ol’ Silus the Witch Hunter a hello.



Boar to the Fore



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